Investment Management

We work diligently so you can focus on what matters most.

At Wellspring, we work with you to develop a tailored strategy so that you can invest with purpose. This starts with getting to know you to understand your way of thinking about money as well as your goals, values, and priorities. Our investment team takes what they learn and collaborates with you in the development, design, implementation and monitoring phases of your portfolio… a portfolio that is built using time-tested principles.

Disciplined Portfolio Construction

The foundation of your portfolio is constructed with forward-looking, 10-15 year, long-term capital market assumptions. Our investment team uses optimization tools to determine your portfolio’s strategic weights, which are oriented to provide consistent exposure to the global economy.

Because the market moves fast, we complement the strategic foundation of your portfolio with tactical shifts based on short term market conditions. This short-term typically covers 6-18 months. The tactical view is determined by economic data as well as market sentiments. This tactical shift will typically not alter your overall risk level and is designed to seek better investment results.

Investment Selection

Our investment vehicle selection is very flexible. We work with stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, Separate Managed Accounts (SMAs), etc. We act as your fiduciary to choose reliable investment manager for you. We identify high-quality managers to serve the desire roles in your portfolio.

We combine active and passive investment strategies. We select active strategies only when we believe they can provide excess return after expenses. Instead of only choosing successful past performers, we look forward and focus more on the investment process and management team.

Risk Management

Diversification plays a crucial role in helping smooth your portfolio’s return pattern over time. For foreseeable risk, we hedge. For unforeseeable risk, we diversify.

After the portfolio is constructed, we run portfolio analysis to check regional exposure, sector exposure, equity styles, fixed income quality and duration, correlation, and risk/return drivers. We want to make sure that all these parameters are in line with your risk profile. In addition, we run scenario analyses to see the potential investment impact if different events were to occur.

Diversification and asset allocation can potentially help mitigate losses but cannot assure against market loss.

Customized Execution

Each client may have different tax situations and unique investment restrictions. With our variety of professional designations and industry leading technologies, our wealth strategist can help execute and monitor your unique investment policy efficiently.