Life Insurance

Wellspring Consulting provides comprehensive wealth management strategy. In certain cases, life insurance may play an important role to solve special objectives, which are typically to protect loved ones and to increase tax situation.

Partnering with M Financial Group, Wellspring offers exclusive products with preferred pricing and unmatched services tailored to the needs of Ultra High Net Worth individuals, executives, and business owners.


Family Protection
Disability Income & Long-Term Care
Retirement Income
Wealth Transfer
Private Placement


Business Protection
Executive Benefit
Premium Finance
Buy/Sell Plan
Corporate Owned Life Insurance


U.S. Domestic Insurance for Foreign Nationals
Private Placement

Life insurance has many unique characteristics that may make it an appropriate solution for a variety of challenges, beyond those that arise at the death of the insured(s). Life insurance may offer:

  • Protection for your loved ones
  • Tax-deferred investing
  • Tax-free income*
  • Tax-advantaged legacy

Although often mistakenly viewed as a price-only decision, the long-term nature of life insurance necessitates careful consideration in the selection of the insurance carrier, the product type, and the insurance professional to represent you and interact with your heirs.

*Accessing the cash value will reduce the available cash surrender value and life insurance benefit.