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Tax Strategy Planning

Taxes affect every aspect of financial planning. The goal of tax planning is to maximize the present value of after-tax wealth and help structure your income and expenses in as tax efficient a manner as is reasonably possible. In this process, we will:

  • Understand your concerns and expectation
  • Review your current tax situation
  • Review and analyze your past & current tax returns
  • Review your current pay stuff, W-2 and schedule C income
  • Review your current investment income schedule B, D, E and K-1
  • Identify and analyze potential risks pertaining to your financial, legal and tax liability
  • Identify your current tax threshold and marginal tax bracket
  • Explore and identify current tax minimization opportunities
  • Explore ways to reduce AMT liability
  • Incorporate current tax benefits to lower your tax liability, the area of
    • Federal and State Income tax
    • Alternative Minimum Tax(AMT)
    • Kiddie Tax
    • Qualified divided
    • Long-term capital gain
  • Analyze Roth IRA conversion opportunity
  • Construct a ESPP exercise plan if applicable