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Retirement Income Planning

Retirement today is more than just a matter of accumulating enough money. Increasing life expectancy has made retirement an extended stage of life. With retirement planning, you can have a sound retirement strategy that helps guide you to pursue your dream of a comfortable, fulfilling retirement. We will:

  • Understand your retirement concerns & longevity issue
  • Identify and establish your retirement goals & resources
  • Review your social security benefits
  • Review and analyze your current retirement assets holding
  • Determine your black-out period needs
  • Analyze and deal with possible assets shrinkage due to the market risk, inflation risk, tax liability and consumption
  • Explore options to take advantage of latest financial program & legal environment
  • Explore Roth IRA conversion opportunity and its pros & cons
  • Calculate your retirement income need and retirement assets growth
  • Anticipate retirement assets growth
  • Determine the need for passing the remainder asset to heir
  • Customize your retirement saving plan based on your goals
  • Reposition your retirement assets
  • Monitor recommended investment portfolio
  • Perform quarterly investment review
  • Conduct annual check up to ensure the retirement lifestyle is sustainable
  • Amend the plan if your circumstance changes