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Real Estate Planning

Managing real estate property requires more than just passions. Well-thought planning can have great impact on variety areas in your real estate business in term of cash flow, tax implication, creditor protection and etc. In this process, we will

  • Understand your passion of being in the real estate business
  • Help you determine realistic expectation of being in the industry
  • Identify potential risk pertaining to your real estate holding, legal, and tax liability
  • Evaluate your cash flow statement to determine funding
  • Analyze potential capital gain tax & ways to mitigate the tax liability
  • Identify your business goals
  • Evaluate debt arrangement
  • Evaluate Property Management Arrangement
  • Explore capital usage & debt ratio
  • Determine the risk associate to each property
  • Determine the entity holding options
  • Determine tax benefit strategy
  • Evaluate Pros & Cons of GP vs. LP arrangement
  • Identify potential pitfall & reposition the holding