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Estate Planning

The purposes of estate planning are to ensure that Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorneys exist, reflect the client’s current wishes, and minimize estate taxes. Many people assume that estate planning is only about saving estate taxes. Consequently, they often ignore estate planning because they assume that their estate is too small to be taxed. Yet increased home value, larger life insurance policies and larger retirement accounts often make estates more vulnerable to taxes than their owners may realize. In fact, everyone needs an estate plan that it is much more about taxes. With Estate planning, we will assist you to:

  • Understand your concerns and needs
  • Review your trust documents: living trust, wills, Power of Attorney, living will, and Advance Health Care Directive
  • Identify potential risks pertaining to your financial, legal, lifestyle and tax liability
  • Establish your estate planning goals
  • Design a plan to help you control the maintenance and disposition of your assets as you wish
  • Incorporate the available gift and estate tax exemption
  • Explore options to pay estate tax if there is any
  • Work together with attorney to carry out the plan
  • Work with CPA to file tax returns
  • Work with property appraisal to access current market value
  • Avoid the cost and delay of the probate
  • Minimize the emotional and financial burden on your heirs
  • Identify & determine the potential heirs of the estate
  • Provide provisions for a guardian of minor children and protection for children from a divorce